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Social Determinant of Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Determinant of Health - Essay ExampleThe debase end of the hierarchy becomes the subject of the misfortunes within a given community. The essay will focus on the Martins family with an aim of determining how the social determinants of health are crucial. The level health is determined by the way people access different amenities. The social determinants are variables under which health providers depend on while designing health models.The Martins family is an extended family with a number of risk factors that determine their health status. The family lineage consist of hereditary diseases and habits that tend to relapse a cross the family members. Mary Martin is married to Dominic and after 52 years, she is left a widower. The family had three children with the younger one deceased. Isaac and Julia are both soakings and Isaac died from an accident. Gilberts wife divorces his first wife and marries a second wife. The marriage results two children. His first marriage on the other hand bore the pair a son. The first wife suffered from asthma. The second wife has a history of schizophrenia. The ex-wife parents were alcoholic, her father died from lung cancers, and her mother dies of breast cancer. The family has a history of asthma, cancer and alcoholism (The Canadian area n.d).The Martins family has a history of alcoholism. The factor puts the family at risk of passing the habit to future generation. The family linage has had a history of alcoholism. The male population tends to be at a higher risk of becoming an alcoholic than the female population. The family tends to adapt a culture of alcoholism. The environment under which a person stay, could influence their heath and habits that constitute to their health habits. The alcoholism tends to be a major factor in terms of the family health is concern. Children born from this family will tend to adapt alcoholic habits. The culture would tend to

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