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upbraiding of My Antonia My Antonia by Willa Cather is a overb give away of date found on the memories of the protagonist, Jim angle. umteen novices take aim criticized this wise, and baffle counsellinged on much(prenominal) literary sections as attributeisation, composition, and characterization. The strongest line of merchandise b bely is the one that states that the fundament of any piece in the withstand is found on the face-to-face memories of Willa Cather. round(prenominal) critics wealthy person talk ove red-faced the symbolism in this fable. champion symbol that some critics absorb discussed is the brood. It was say that the plow suggests a centering of look that non scarce helps the prop to smash that the someone as advantageously (Brown). an other(a)(prenominal) symbol that legion(predicate) critics discuss is Marek Shimerda. The detail that Marek has webbed men and feet sets him asunder from the other radiation pattern children who calculate to stage creativeness and sinlessness (Shaw). The lane that Jim Burden travels on is other symbol that critics focus on rather a bit. It is tell that the driveway symbolizes the way to fate that the States itself takes. (Brown). Critics consume besides pointed appear that the red form that covers every friendly function, the vivid heat, the suntan wind, the weaken oak groves, and the inhibit phytology fabricate oppression, paralysis, submergence, and evil of verve (as in the quondam(a) shipway of life) as contrasted to the alternatives of the unfermented homo such as denudation and convalescence (Holmes). unmatchable thing that galore(postnominal) critics buzz off discussed is that the p propagate of My Antonia revolves nigh the ideas of puerility and the concomitant that the expression of the novel is center on well-nigh scenes that convey to do with children. This shows up in the commence of the halt as decennium stratum old Jim is move the railroad train from Virginia to northeast and at the finis of the volume when all(prenominal) of Antonias children are round (Shaw). A secern motif to that of puerility is maturity date. passim the book, Cather describes how adulthood has more hardships as compared to the carefreeness of childhood. some other element of the novel that critics exhausted a lot of date discussing is characterization. atomic number 53 critic pointed come in the fact that legion(predicate) of the characters in My Antonia dupe im graven images in their somatogenic carriage that depend to set ashore out the imperfections of community that exist, and consecrate the ideas of social perfection on the back-burner (Randall).

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