Monday, August 12, 2019

Cis 331 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cis 331 - Assignment Example The alternative method will be reasonable and less expensive. Towing of the ice will increase the amount of fresh water in the city. It will contribute to the development of the country since a lot of resources will be saved and hence used in other activities as discussed in Adams (2001). What information can be brought to bear? Adams (2001) states that we can bear in mind that since water expands upon freezing, 1 cubic meter of ice construct only 0.85 cubic meter of water. The volume of an iceberg ranges from about 500,000 cubic meters to more than 10 million cubic meters. Spherical icebergs shrink over a day at a given distance from the pole and at the given towing speed. The fuel cost used will depend on the size of the icebergs. Submerged portion of an iceberg melt slower than the visible part which changes its size. What can we ask the client? Is the method of any benefit to the city? How long will it take for the project to complete? By how much is the proposed method efficient over the current method? Are there similar questions? Yes; what are some of the factors that manipulate the economics of such scheme? What are the disadvantages of this method? Formulate one or more problem statements. Adams (2001) argues that spherical iceberg would lose about 0.2 meter of radius per day during transport, this amount increases with the rate of towing and the expanse from the pole. Fuel costs for tow boats depend on various factors; the size of the boat, the speed and the volume of the iceberg being towed. There are differences in rental costs and capacities of towing vessels. Large icebergs will provide more water, but they may take longer and cost more to transport. Small icebergs provide less water but may be more able to move. It is difficult to prove which size to work with; the ice could melt before it reaches its destination hence making to reach to a loss. What are the decisions,

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