Monday, October 21, 2019

Political Campaign essays

Political Campaign essays Volunteering for the Joe Birkett Campaign. Our volunteering lead us to the Joe Birkett campaign for Attorney General. Our volunteering all took place on being pollwatchers for the Birkett campaign. This volunteering started the night before when we meet up with the Birkett staff at Hawkeyes Bar and Grill for his rally at night. We received all the documents about being a pollwatcher and filled out all the paperwork for the upcoming day. We learned the rules as to what to do and what not to do and along with being at the rally were able to get our picture taken with Mr. Birkett. So the following day we were at a Birkett office on 111th street where we received our tasks for the day. It seemed that there were a lot of problems with voter fraud in the 3rd, 15th and 21st precincts and we were to go to the polling places and observe the election judges. Being a largely Democratic region we were told just to call the cops if we had any problems whereas a pollwatcher was threatened earlier. This brought about the most valuab le lesson from the whole campaigning assignment, in that individuals are very serious about voting. We never realized it in that we have been voting since we were given the right, and you don't see it when you go in to vote. But when you show up supporting a Republican campaign in a largely Democratic region, you realize how serious the election really is. So going to the 15th precinct first on 59th and Pulaski, we came across problems in we thought were propaganda being closer than the 100 linear feet from the door. But as one of the election judges pointed out to us, they measured it from the furthest inside door and showed that it was within the legal limits. At all the polling places we were to visit we were supposed to take a count with number voting, spoiled ballets, and absentee ballets. So we placed a Joe Birkett sign next to the Lisa Madigan sign and were off after a while of watching several doze...

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