Saturday, February 1, 2020

Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Anthropology - Essay Example They are early hominids having common origin and overlapping with early human species even though they are not the direct ancestors. Homo habilis fossils evidence found in Africa is generally sketchy, but they are the closest representation of the early form that is related to human. Homo erectus also developed in Africa and later moved to Asia the oldest fossil evidence were found in Africa, later other fossil evidence were found in Asia. Homo sapiens are spread into different forms known as archaic, early modern through to modern (Adds et al, 141). They spread from Africa and from Asia then into Europe and finally, in modern times into other spheres of the earth. Neanderthal man is known mainly from Europe with an eastern distribution to the extent of central Asia. There is a distinct evolutionary trend in the species of the genus Homo from the early Homo habilis through Homo erectus to Neanderthal man and later Homo sapiens (Adds et al, 141). Significant developments in the evolution of the genus Homo interacted with the enormous changes in climate –that is cold climates alternating with warm climate, this is because of successive Ice Ages (Adds et al 142). Moreover, fluctuating temperatures led to changing sea levels, during a glacial period, sea levels were lower and there were land connections between some of the major continents. The evolution of hominoids from their extinct ancestors to human form as is known today has these features the enlargement of the brain size, growth of bipedalism. Increase usage of manipulative skills of hands, becoming upright, growth and diversity of language together the use of complex features and characters and other intellectual activity connected to the modern day human being. Fossil evidence of the Laetoli footprints and the skeleton of Lucy an Australopithecine give evidence to the early hominids ancestors

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