Saturday, November 2, 2019

Madinah Cardiac Centre Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Madinah Cardiac Centre - Research Proposal Example Madinah Cardiac Centre The retention of health workers has been noted to be a very important requirement for ensuring quality delivery of healthcare. Meanwhile, most health facilities in Saudi Arabia go through very difficult times trying to achieve employee retention due to high incidence of employee turnover. This is the problem that has informed the proposed study, seeking to find ways in which the existing problem of high employee turnover can be solved. Based on literature reviewed, it has been established that when employees have sufficient control at the workplace to bring to bear their experiences, dynamism and innovation, they feel part of the overall management of the organisation. This situation is no different for health workers also. Meanwhile, in order for employees at the health sector to be given the room to operate in the manner described, it is important that the concept of employee engagement will be institutionalised at the health facilities. Because the need to undertake employee engagement has been noted to work best when institutionalised, the study seeks to use the concept of cultural metaphor through a social system approach to investigate the best modalities that can be used in making employee engagement a permanent part of the health facilities. Once this is achieved, it will be expected that instead of the health facilities to engage their employees once a while, employee engagement will actually become a permanent part of their organisational culture, where they will be practiced on a permanent basis.

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