Monday, November 18, 2019

Stress Management in Organisation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stress Management in Organisation - Assignment Example The relationship between marketing and information technology, in this case, is vital because both coexist to improve the other. For instance, information technology plays a role as a management tool in a business organization e.g. decision making and strategic management. To illustrate this, we can say for instance that organizations do produce goods and services at a given level of production that meet the demand on a daily basis. Not every day does a business enjoy boom sales and so decisions related to output will be based on the information management has in order to meet the demand of the market. In strategic management, the company will be able to enjoy a competitive advantage (Kotler, pg 22). This is developed through distinguishing a company in an extraordinary business in contrast with other players in the consumer’s opinion. This can only be achieved through information technology. Implementing this strategy will lead to an improvement in the efficiency and effectiv eness of the organization. Competitive advantage has an important role in the success of a business and in accomplishing this; the organization will need a Marketing structure that will help to realize their objective (Mohr, pg 23). Information technology plays an important role in improving the value of products. This can be taken from the perspective of quality of goods and services produced. The technology gives a systematic test in making sure that goods produced are of the right quality thereby adding value. One way of ensuring that quality is achieved is through the marketing followed by accounting from the customer and finally testing of products which involve effective and efficient procedures of information technology. The high-quality goods that have been produced will be taken to the market and marketing will aid in making them public (Nambisan, pg 7).  Ã‚     

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